Shit_Coffee 發表於 2011-11-1 11:37:47


Anyone can share details of doggies peer group. I came across few men helping the dog to distribute the promotional materials.Are they living in MHV? Which block and floor. Any photo to share. We need to let others to aware of this group of people. They are bad guy!

Singasing 發表於 2011-11-1 12:05:27

1C7 Chan xxx.Go to the sob's radio broadcasting, the one sat next to bungee {:4_89:}

dino246 發表於 2011-11-1 13:51:18

Wow, 網上大起底

Singasing 發表於 2011-11-1 16:44:10

佢大鑊 {:4_89:}

dino246 發表於 2011-11-1 17:12:31


Singasing 發表於 2011-11-1 17:15:13

哈哈, 仲有乜吖, 欠錢唔還, +冇續保 {:4_89:}

TKT 發表於 2011-11-1 17:44:18

身有屎, 唔驚畀人拉吖.....上次冒險帶錄音機上庭, 情至義盡啦 :L

Shit_Coffee 發表於 2011-11-1 22:16:00


TKT 發表於 2011-11-1 23:16:13

well done!thanks!

dino246 發表於 2011-11-1 23:50:42

Losers in real life!
In a few months time, they will realize they are just 3 idiots
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